About the blog

Travelling is great. It makes you a more open-minded, creative and independent person. Plus, it enables you to meet people from all round the world, learn about different cultures, lifestyles and beliefs. Travelling connects societies, and it makes it possible to exchange knowlegde and experiences. In addition, tourism is one of the most important sources of income for many countries in the world. It can positively impact the empowerment of women in marginalised countries and it creates jobs.

BUT it has also it downsides. Global tourism contributes significantly to climate change and it can have a negative effect on the biodiversity on earth. To many people visiting the same place puts severe pressure on local recources like energy and water, causes tons and tons of waste (what harms marine life) and leads to land degradation. Read more.

Change your way of travelling

Our way of exploring the world has to change. We need to become more aware of our impact on the earth, we need to learn how we can use travelling in a positive way. We need to learn to WanderGreen.

Start this journey now, together with me! On this blog I will share tips about which places to visit, what to do (and what not) and how to change your travel style into an eco-friendly one. Get inspired by people all around the world who offer great travel experiences that contribute to the environment in a positive way. And read about my own journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Do you have tips, comments or a story to share? Please contact me via wandergreentravels@gmail.com.

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Explore the world, WanderGreen!